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"The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human body, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

- Thomas Edison 1902

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Primary Spine Practitioner

Our Primary Spine Practitioners are trained to provide differential diagnosis, rule out severe disease processes, and render evidence-based treatment for most patients with spine related disorders.


Low Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractic care has been proven to decrease pain severity and disability while increasing functional ability in patients experiencing low back pain.


Neck Pain Treatment

Chiropractic care has been proven to help to help people overcome their neck pain and related symptoms.


Treatment of Headache Pain

Headache is an area in which chiropractors near me make a daily and direct contribution to the well-being of their patients.


Primary Spine Practitioners at Life in Motion Chiropractic and Wellness Chiropractic Treatment of Chronic Lower Back Pain Chiropractic Treatment of Neck Pain Chiropractic Treatment of Headache Pain
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What Causes Migraines?

Chiropractic Treatment of Headache Tension Type Headache Treatment
Pharmacologic Treatment of Headache - Get the Facts [Published on Mar 15, 2014] Discusses the overuse or misuse of analgesic medications. When pain medication wears off the person experiences a withdrawal reaction that perpetuates the desire to ingest more analgesics. The subsequent outcome is a viscous cycle of pharmacologically induced pain. We offer an integrative solution to headache pain.

Headache has been a bane of humankind for centuries and one of the most common conditions that affects the nervous system. The universally accepted premise is that pain sensitive components of the head and neck are what elicit headache.1 It is estimated that 47% of adults will experience a headache at least once within the next year.2

In 1988, the International Headache Society (IHS) devised a uniform system for classifying headaches which has unequivocally aided headache research. However, the clinical application of this system is limited due to its length, intricate detail, contradictory elements, and lack of real-world observation and data.3 In fact the World Health Organization (WHO) admits that many people have their headaches inaccurately diagnosed by their health-care provider.2 An understandable fact when primary care physicians (PCP) only receive an average of four hours of instruction on headache disorders while in medical school.2

This statistic in no way indicates incompetence, just inadequate training with regard to headache. A comprehensible fact given the other more fatal pathologies a PCP must learn about on an intricate level.

This does, however, lead one to theorize that the prescribed drug treatments utilized to combat headache pain may be improperly applied due to the many coinciding symptoms of migraine and tension-type4headaches. Therefore these analgesics provide no lasting relief to the patient and out of their frustration to feel better easily leads to the development of a medication-overuse headache (MOH) .5

An integrative approach to headache pain is the most logical way to manage this epidemic given the reasons and biologic elements that contribute to it. According to the research, especially in the case of symptoms of migraine and tension headache symptoms , this may be the most successful strategy to help patients get rid of headaches.

Since what causes headaches is spine related, wouldn’t it make sense to have a physician who is specifically trained in spine related disorders be the hub of the diagnostic, management and treatment of frequent headaches. The doctors at Life In Motion Chiropractic and Wellness are trained Primary Spine Practitioners who can differentially diagnosis, rule out serious pathology, and provide evidence-based management for the majority of headache patients while also integrating that care with their already established healthcare providers.

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