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"The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human body, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

- Thomas Edison 1902

Primary Spine Practitioners Lower Back Pain Treatment Neck Pain Treatment Treatment of Headache Pain

Primary Spine Practitioner

Our Primary Spine Practitioners are trained to provide differential diagnosis, rule out severe disease processes, and render evidence-based treatment for most patients with spine related disorders.


Low Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractic care has been proven to decrease pain severity and disability while increasing functional ability in patients experiencing low back pain.


Neck Pain Treatment

Chiropractic care has been proven to help to help people overcome their neck pain and related symptoms.


Treatment of Headache Pain

Headache is an area in which chiropractors near me make a daily and direct contribution to the well-being of their patients.


Primary Spine Practitioners at Life in Motion Chiropractic and Wellness Chiropractic Treatment of Chronic Lower Back Pain Chiropractic Treatment of Neck Pain Chiropractic Treatment of Headache Pain
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Excellence in hands-on care for musculoskeletal pain....... Come experience the difference!

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Champions of Chiropratic - Olympic Athletes

Picabo Street Credits Chiropractic For Her Recovery [Published on Jan 16, 2014] Olympic skier Picabo Street credits Chiropractic for her recovery from a severe leg fracture.

“I was born without my right leg, and have met life’s challenges with the attitude that quitting is not an option. Chiropractic care has been essential to my good health and success — including earning multiple gold medals in international competitions over the past ten years."
Winter & Summer Paralympian
Current World Champion

“After my daughter’s concussion in March 2012, she could not function due to severe fatigue, nor could she read, use a computer or watch TV without headaches. After five months of the prescribed “rest" without improvement, she fortunately found her way to Dr. Ted Carrick’s Functional Neurology Clinic. There the comprehensive evaluation and treatment program started her on the way to recovery within a week. In addition, the continuity of care she has received has been critical for her complete recovery; we are most grateful for their expertise and commitment to their patients."
Professor Emeritus of Surgery Yale University Medical School
Pictured: Barbara Kinder, MD (left)
Caitlin Kinder Cahow (right)
Two-Time Olympic Medalist;
Member, USA Women’s Hockey National Team

“Concussions can end an athlete’s career and change his or her life. For our injuries we sought the care of a chiropractor who specializes in these conditions with a record of success. Thanks to his expertise, we are confident that we made the best choice for our situation and are on the road to recovery!"
Canadian Skeleton Racing Champions

“As an elite athlete, I can honestly say that without regular chiropractic care I would not be able to perform at such a high level. It helps me prevent injuries and keeps my body in alignment. I am so satisfied with chiropractic care, and what it has done for my health and fitness, that I am planning to pursue a doctorate of chiropractic after my career as a national team water polo player."
Goalie, US Men’s National Water Polo Team
Pan American Games Champion
Olympic Champion

Learn about the other Champions of Chiropractic on our Patient Resources page

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