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Primary Spine Practitioners Lower Back Pain Treatment Neck Pain Treatment Treatment of Headache Pain

Primary Spine Practitioner

Our Primary Spine Practitioners are trained to provide differential diagnosis, rule out severe disease processes, and render evidence-based treatment for most patients with spine related disorders.

Low Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractic care has been proven to decrease pain severity and disability while increasing functional ability in patients experiencing low back pain.

Neck Pain Treatment

Chiropractic care has been proven to help to help people overcome their neck pain and related symptoms.

Treatment of Headache Pain

Headache is an area in which chiropractors near me make a daily and direct contribution to the well-being of their patients. 

Primary Spine Practitioners at Life in Motion Chiropractic and Wellness Chiropractic Treatment of Chronic Lower Back Pain Chiropractic Treatment of Neck Pain Chiropractic Treatment of Headache Pain
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Excellence in hands-on care for musculoskeletal pain....... Come experience the difference!

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Patient Testimonials - Chiropractic Care Near Me

"Wonderful chiropractors!!! I suffer, at a young age, with AS and both of these Doctors have worked wonders on my body!! Excellent doctors and a wonderful business, so glad they're here to stay!!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
~ Katie (Facebook post 05/07/16)

"Excellent Service......Can't say enough good things! Thank you so much!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
~ Justine (Facebook post 02/17/16)

"love! Best experience ever. Dr. Konrad is gifted, talented, skilled and Knowledgeable! I call him the Body Whisper! 
I experienced vast improvement after one visit. 
Can't wait to see him again next time I am in town. 
Dr Frolic specializes in prenatal and pediatric Chriropractic as well as clinical nutrition!
Love your body. Go see these two!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
~ Carolyn (Facebook post 02/10/16)

"I can not say enough good about both doctors! They explain what's wrong and what they are doing. They have helped me so much! And their daughter is an adorable little helper as well"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
~ Sally Jo (Facebook post 10/19/15)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
~ Nicole (Facebook post 8/22/15)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
~ Sarah (Facebook post 7/20/15)

"Dr. Konrad has been amazing for all the years I have known him!!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
~ Carolyn (Facebook post 7/3/15)

"I was really impressed with my progress ... very nice and so down to earth...unlike the right in and out chiropractors she actually spends time with you.. so glad she moved to Ridgway thanks so much., I just feel better all around"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
~ Jackie (Facebook post 4/28/15)

"I cannot say enough about Dr. Konrad. He has helped me tremendously over the years. He came in early today to work on my back because he knew I had to get on the road for a trip. He cares about his patients and wants the best for them. He is ethical and a true asset to our community. I highly recommend Life in Motion Chiropractic!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
~ Meredith (Facebook post 11/26/14)

"I want to send my gratitude and appreciation, and recommendation for Sean Konrad... Aug 2 I was rear-ended. After months of physical therapy and several pain killers that just did not work, I was desolate. My Dr finally gave me a referral to a spine specialist, but I didn't want another shot, I'd had two that did not work! When I walked into Sean's office I could barely walk due to the pinched nerve. The pain also shot down my leg... after just one visit I felt a tremendous difference! I could walk upright out the door! Two weeks ago I couldn't rake, this week I spent 45 minutes shoveling, and no extra pain in the back! I've been to see Sean five times now, and I'm glad I did! Not only can I do chores, but I have my 3 yr old grandson coming over for the weekend again! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH SEAN! I will forever be grateful!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
~ Lori (Facebook post 11/23/14)

Farmington, NY Virtual Garage Sale - Facebook
Shelly posted the following question Nov 17, 2014 at 2:58 pm on this group’s page: “Please, any recommendations for an excellent chiropractor who takes their time and you have experienced real results? Thank you.”
The following makes up 19% of the responses: He is awesome. After treatments with him my father was on half the pain medicine than he used to be. I highly, highly recommend him.”
Bobbi 17 Nov at 3:08 pm
“Sean Konrad at life in motion rt 96 next to wade's!”
Carrie 17 Nov at 6:09 pm
“Life in motion next to Wades! Cheyenne is awesome!”
Jessica 17 Nov at 6:51 pm
“I've been to Dr Bellomo once and she made me feel better but the next day I had the same pain. Then I found Dr. Konrad at Life in motion and he changed my life (no exaggerating) I would definitely go see him and his partner Cheyenne for any and all chiropractic needs!!”
Christin 17 Nov at 8:31 pm
“Sean Konrad hands down. Bellomo gets the job done but I felt like she beat me up after each session. Sean is first rate. He is thorough with his explanation of why and what he’s doing - Bellomo was nice and skilled I’m sure but I was not comfortable with her style.”
Kristin 17 Nov at 10:01 pm

"I would highly recommend Life in Motion Chiropractic. They are always accommodating, professional and down to earth. I ALWAYS leave feeling better. They don't keep you coming back week after week, like so many other chiropractors. I have and will continue referring my friends and patients to them."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
~ Kelly (Facebook post 09/25/14)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
~ Tracy (Facebook post 6/27/14)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
~ Kathy (Facebook post 6/22/14)

Doctor Konrad,
Thank you so much for all you did for my husband. He feels 100% better & thanks for caring.
~ Gary & Roxanna (Thank you card dated 06/11/14)

I am a 63 year old woman being treated for Sciatica and a disc issue. I had been to another chiropractor and was getting worse instead of better. A friend told me about Life in Motion and I thought I would try them.  On my first visit I was very impressed with the time that was spent with me going over my details of what was wrong, my pain levels, and exactly where my pain was located.  Dr. Konrad observed, talked, and listened to me and we started treatment.
My visit went very well and my pain level went way down and was tolerable.  Electrodes were used to calm the nerves.  My spine was stretched.   Dr. Konrad gave me breathing and pelvic exercises to do at home to help strengthen the muscles in the pain causing area of my lower back.  Not one thing that was done hurt nor caused more pain.  I would highly recommend Life in Motion to anyone with any type of spinal, bone, or joint issue.
~ Bette (Angie's List Review 05/30/14)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
~ Damien (Facebook post 4/4/14)

So many months of PT and no relief to the pain I had in my lower back. Finally went to see Sean and he sat and listen to everything I had to say. He told me he was going to do his very best to get me pain free so I did not have to come back. He did exactly that. He has also worked on my son's back and my daughter's neck. Great job Sean!!!!!!
~ Laurie (Facebook Post 04/04/14)

My shoulder feels great, thanks Doc!
~ Bill (Facebook Post 03/12/14)

I Definitely recommend Cheyenne Fralick at Life in Motion Chirorpractic and Wellness!!!!
Austin is 7 weeks old and the dr told us that he has acid reflux and colic. She prescribed a medication for the acid reflux and said good luck with the colic. Well We spoke with Cheyenne Fralick (a chiropractor) and she informed us that she may be able to help. After just one session with Cheyenne Austin calmed right down and was happy!!! He also slept ALL night and his acid reflux seems to be better! (I stopped giving him the medication because it was making him break out). Thank you so much!
~ Julie (Facebook Post 01/21/14)

Just have to say thank you…I felt great all day. Not even a mild headache, and I have truly been suffering all week long. Had a fun night with my 7 year old and had I not come to see you today, I think I would have spent the night in a dark room with a cold rag on my head. See you Monday. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. :-))
~ Kristen (email dated 10/26/12)

Dear Sean,
I wanted to send a note to say thank you so much for the house call. There are not many people who are so dedicated to their patients as you are. Your visit helped a lot and I really appreciate all you have done for Kevin and I.
See you soon,
Carolyn (re-printed w/permission)

Dr. Konrad,
I would like to thank you, Sean and your partner on behalf of the Conesus Lake Association for bringing "backpack safety"  to our 5th annual Youth Day on Saturday, May 7.   As with last year your program was a big hit with both the kids and adults that attend this event.  "How to pack your backpack", is an important message to get out to our community's families.  Parents really appreciated the information and the kids said it was interesting.  I know first hand how difficult it is to donate our all important and too little free time.  Thank you both of you for your community spirit and putting our youth first.  We appreciate your time, selflessness and your willingness to share your knowledge.  You helped contribute to the success of another Youth Day.   
Marie Zea
CLA Youth Education Committee Chair
CLA Youth Day Coordinator
~ (email dated 5/17/11)

Before I run off to the next order of business, I just wanted to tell you I slept through the night last night without a pain pill! I really think the actively assisted isolated stretching helps me considerably. I am quite comfortable today! Thank you for what you do-really!
~ Kathy (email dated 5/4/11)

Dr Konrad is a professional individual who listens intently on what is ailing his patients. After filling out the paperwork, he asked several questions about location, position, longevity, etc. of the pain that I had been experiencing. During the first session he was able to relieve much of my pain in the neck, shoulder, and back areas which had been a major cause of severe headaches. He doesn't just manipulate the bones, but he delves into the muscle function as well to help relieve the pressures that are put on the skeletal system. Can't say enough great things about Dr. Konrad. One thing I can attest to after seeing him a few times now, he is priceless for his professionalism, caring, and detail to what the real problem is that is causing the pain! Worth his weight in gold!!
~ Jennifer (4/6/11)

I was a real non-believer in chiropractors because of a really bad experience in Canada. However, after a recent back injury my husband said "I should give Dr Sean a try."
I went with my husband to watch how he was treated and I shook hard thinking I cannot do this---my husband fell asleep on the bed-that's how good he is!
Well  now I am a true believer in this Doctor!! Not only did he have me back at work within 4 days without pain but he has since worked on my hips and feet which have hurt me from a young child- I am now 53 years old and learning what it feels like to have little or no pain -thanks to Dr Konrad's ability and knowledge of Chiropractic medicine! He is very professional and caring--if he says he can help you--he does it--he will tell you if he can't and assist you some other way--my experience with the Doctor is-he is totally honest and listens well- without his help I would be crippled up---he is my life-saver and I would recommend him to any man, woman and child, my own son is going to see him as well--. If you need a sincere, caring knowledgable chiropractor then Dr Sean Konrad is the man to go to. thank you for giving me my life back Doc!
~ Janice (12/27/10)

Dr. Konrad is very knowledgeable in his field. He has a knack of finding the right area to make better. He has a great sense of humor as he is correcting you so you feel relaxed as he is working. For the first time in years I can feel my fingers again. I'm not waking up in the middle of the night from the pain of my back. Thanks Sean for moving to Victor.
~ Martha (12/1/10)

I have never seen a Chiropractor before so I didn't know what to expect. Not only was Dr. Konrad professional, he was thorough. In just one session I found out how much pain I had been living with daily and now, I can sit up straight without wincing. He is a miracle worker!
~ Danielle (9/21/10)

Helping immensely with my shoulder/back. Sean believes he can instruct you to exercise specific muscles to supplement your treatment. He uses electric pulsation to add to the relieving of your pain and or discomfort. Go see him
~ Pete (8/10/10)

Thanks for helping my shoulder injuries. You’re the first person that I encountered that I actually had relief and is able to return to my activities. Thanks so much!!!
~ Renee (3/14/10)

Attentive, very knowledgeable, very effective. Incorporates many modalities and addresses his patients as a whole to get the best results out of the treatments he provides for them. Keeps me moving everyday :)
~ Tricia (2/18/10)

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The doctors at Life in Motion Chiropractic & Wellness are certified doTERRA Wellness Advocates

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